The Project: W3C Web Translations

Our aim is to make the web more accessible for those who dont have 100%  command over the English language. At the moment our translations are from English to both German and Danish. If however, you request a translation of a W3C document in another language then please visit the W3C translation Data Base

All the documents were translated by Magnus Sigursen, Mark Goeder-Tarant, Louisa Pedersen, Silke Tarant and Kjartan Sverrissen. The work invested here is all voluntary and commercial free.

This project is based on voluntary work and is pure non-commercial.

Projektet: W3C Web Oversættelser

Vores mål er at gøre internettet mere tilgængeligt for de som ikke behersker det engelske sprog 100%. I øjeblikket er vores oversættelse lavet fra engelsk til både tysk og dansk. Hvis du imidlertid har brug for et W3C dokument på et andet sprog, besøg da venligst W3C’s oversættelses data base. Alle dokumenter er oversat af Magnus Sigursen, Mark Goeder-tarant, Louisa Pedersen, Silke Tarant og Eric Kuchenbecker. Alt arbejde er frivilligt og reklamefrit.

Dette projekt er baseret på frivilligt arbejde og er helt reklame frit.

W3C® Document License

Kimberly Pepper: 30 years of job security!

What kind of a job offers that? The job of seeking out, clipping, and collecting, organizing and redeeming coupons! Lexington Park’s Kimberly Pepper has been doing just that for 30 years now. So talented is she at this that she actually teaches a class on it. Here’s one little tidbit from her class. Read the rest of this entry »

Coupons help to “school the nation”

In Davidson County this week, the Lexington Community Schools announced that the ‘GIVE Education’ campaign was to be launched. The program has been created to heighten the awareness of the U.S. population as to the horrendous drop-out rate in schools, which is reaching near crisis status amongst today’s students. The effort to assist students in their endeavor to remain in school will be funded by this program and will touch millions of school going persons. Here’s how to get involved. Read the rest of this entry »

Coupons come to Daily Gate City

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Icelandic Version of CSS complete

Kjartan Sverrissen has just completed the second icelandic translation of a W3c document. The URL was completed and is hosted now at Again, many thanx to Kjartan for his time and dedication.

Icelandic W3c Translation of Style Sheets Completed.

We are proud to announce that the first Icelandic translation of a W3C document has been completed by our team. Kjartan Sverrisson completed the Icelandic version of which is located at

Icelandic Translations soon Available

We are proud to announce that we have commenced W3C translations into Icelandic which will be made available as soon as they have been completed. All translations will be hosted by Mark Goeder-Tarant on Head translator for this project is Kjartan Sverrisson.

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Maguns Sigursen and Louisa Pedersen have just completed a Danish translation of the W3C document The finnished transcript is located at

Thanx to Mark Goeder-Tarant for building the site and making sure the mark up and CSS is conform to W3C standards.

CSS-vs-XSL Danish Version

The W3C document ” CSS vs XSL ” from was translated into Danish and is now available at

Thanx to Magnus Sigursen, Louisa Pedersen and Mark Goeder-Tarant for their time.

Hints for Translators Danish Version

In addition to our German translation of the original Document, we have now translated a Danish version of the URL which is located at

Thanks to Magnus Sigersen and Louisa Pedersen for their time and effort.

German Version Style Sheets History

To add to the Danish version of we also decided to translate the document into German. The Translation was made available by Mark Goeder-Tarant and Silke Tarant and can be seen at

The W3C Amaya HTML Editor

The first Danish version of an “Amaya” document was translated by Maguns Sigursen and Louisa Pedersen. The orginal Document is located at and the Danish version is available at

Style Sheets History Danish Version

The W3C Document “Historical Style Sheet proposals” which is located at the original URL was translated from English into Danish by Magnus Sigersen and can be found at

W3C Core Styles

The first Danish translation of a “Core” document is complete. The W3C url was translated by Magnus Siguersen and Louisa Pederson. The translation can be found at

Mark Goeder-Tarant is responsable for the formating, W3 validity and layout.

Web Style Sheets Danish Version

A newly completed translation of the original W3C document at can now be found at the new location

Thanx once more to our team of translator their time and trouble.

Cascading Style Sheets

The finnished Danish translation of the document can now be found at

Many thanks to Magun und Louisa for sacrificing thier weekend to get this right. Also thanks to Mark for checking and repairing the hundreds of broken links.

CSS working group

A new Danish translation has been completed. Magnus Sigursen and Louise Pederson translated the URL into Danish which can now be found at

Also thanx to Mark Goeder-Tarant for the technical part of the translation.

Cascading Style Sheets-Learning CSS

A second Danish translation has been completed. Please visit find a translation of the original document from w3C at

Thanx to Magnus Sigursen and Louisa Pedersen for the Danish translation and to Mark Goeder-Tarant for the formatting.

Tips for Translators-German Version

Another German translation was completed. The original document at can now be found at

Thanx to Silke and Eric for the help translating the document

Custom DTDs-Danish Version

One of our first Danish translations of a W3C document was completed. The Translation of into Danish is now hosted on this server and can be found at

We would like to thank Magnus Sigursen and Louisa Pedersen for their voluntary support in translating the document and Mark Goeder-Tarant for building the document and validating it using the W3C Validators for mark up and css