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Kimberly Pepper: 30 years of job security!

What kind of a job offers that? The job of seeking out, clipping, and collecting, organizing and redeeming coupons! Lexington Park’s Kimberly Pepper has been doing just that for 30 years now. So talented is she at this that she actually teaches a class on it. Here’s one little tidbit from her class. (more…)

Coupons help to “school the nation”

In Davidson County this week, the Lexington Community Schools announced that the ‘GIVE Education’ campaign was to be launched. The program has been created to heighten the awareness of the U.S. population as to the horrendous drop-out rate in schools, which is reaching near crisis status amongst today’s students. The effort to assist students in their endeavor to remain in school will be funded by this program and will touch millions of school going persons. Here’s how to get involved. (more…)

Coupons come to Daily Gate City

As everyone probably knows by now couponing has been with us for decades. But thanks to TLC’s ‘Extreme Couponing’, it seems to be making a formidable comeback after years of decline. Local coupon clubs and blogs online along with the show’s participants (that are willing to spend countless hours every week putting together a shopping excursion that could run 6 hours or more but knock better than 90% off of their total grocery bill) seem to be all the rage. (more…)

The CVS drugstores care about coupons

Apparently the latest coupon craze isn’t enough to convince everyone to use coupons. So CVS pharmacies are doing their part, to help in any way they can. And just for the record, this is simply a news topic and should not be taken in any way shape or form as a promotional article for CVS pharmacies. (more…)