Coupons help to “school the nation”

In Davidson County this week, the Lexington Community Schools announced that the ‘GIVE Education’ campaign was to be launched. The program has been created to heighten the awareness of the U.S. population as to the horrendous drop-out rate in schools, which is reaching near crisis status amongst today’s students. The effort to assist students in their endeavor to remain in school will be funded by this program and will touch millions of school going persons. Here’s how to get involved.

By redeeming brandSAVER ‘GIVE Education’ coupons the nation can join in the campaign’s battle cry of “School the Nation”. These coupons were created in the hopes of inspiring others through the utilization of social media tools to support this vital and worthy cause. The future of our nation is at stake. BrandSAVER coupons will be circulated by GIVE Education which will provide discounts on products by P&G. Some of the big bargain items will be:

  • Tide laundry detergent
  • Olay skin creams/treatments
  • Duracell batteries
  • Pantene hair care products
  • Crest toothpaste
  • Bounty paper towels
  • Puffs tissues and more

“The Dispatch” will carry these coupons for a worthy cause and 2 cents will be donated by P&G for every coupon cashed in. The money, which will not only be helping consumers save money but supply them with a way to give back to their community, will go to ‘Communities in Schools’. The uncapped P&G contribution will assist in the delivery of community, financial and human resources to students and their loved ones which will entail visits to colleges, access to food banks, health services, family or individual counseling, mentoring, tutoring and more. The coupon count will already have begun as of the publishing of this article.

Almost an unimaginable 40% of Lexington’s community members have never received a proper, complete high school education. The Davidson County school system suffered a shocking number of dropouts in the 2010-2011 year; 37 students gave up on education. Nationally, the numbers are staggering. In a typical school day, 1 student drops out every 9 seconds! Not only that but of those who do stay, a third of them won’t graduate by the standard finishing time.

Davidson County’s Lexington Communities in Schools executive director Christina Howell states that the devastating effects of the drop out situation on their community and the entire U.S. population is near epidemic proportions and must be dealt with; and that they are proud to be teaming up with P&G to help put an end to dropping out, through this new campaign. She further understands that the entire course of action involved in allowing a student to realize their full potential by preventing drop outs must begin development when the child starts kindergarten. She looks upon this program as an investment of sorts; in the community as a whole and the hope of every child. Davidson County’s Lexington CIS will receive support from GIVE Education bringing forth heightened awareness to enable them in their strive to channel resources to drop out high risk students. How?

By creating a connection between crucial resources from the community and students at risk of dropping out the Davidson County Lexington CIS provided help to 11,000 students and 23 schools last year. Students were monitored to evaluate the success ratio and 97% of them stayed in school; 91% moved on to next appropriate grade.

If you’re interested in the availability of the coupons and want to help others, GIVE Education is on FaceBook. Additional publications running the brandSAVER GIVE Education coupons are as follows:

  • Winston-Salem Journal
  • Greensboro News and Record
  • Charlotte Observer
  • High Point Enterprise
  • Salisbury Post

More and more organizations are using coupons to promote awareness of causes or other charitable concerns. With coupons once again being all the rage, this is smart business. America once again loves our coupons, and if you can give someone a coupon for something chances are you have their attention. When you can save money while helping others, this is an attractive combination. The more coupons you use the more money you save; but at the same time the more money you save with the coupons, the more you are helping out the worthy cause involved.


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