2019 Review of Website Builders for Accounting Firms

Web visitors make snap judgments in less than 5 seconds, and if your web design fails, chances are your business will too. Remember that for many of your potential customers, their first impression of your business will be through your website. They won’t come into your office to assess your skills. Instead, they will sum up your skill and expertise based on their initial reaction to your website. Is it unfair?

Maybe, but it’s also a fact. Today, visitors to your website will judge your company’s competence on a number of things that have nothing to do with the level of expertise your company offers. Instead, your business will be judged on how fast your website loads, how easy it is to navigate, how streamlined the pages are, and how useful the content is.

Here are a few things you can do to keep visitors engaged on your website and ensure a favorable impression:

  • Make sure your website loads fast. No one will stick around to see your awesome web design if it takes more than a few seconds to load.
  • Give them a reason to stay on your site – and come back. Keep content up to date, change photos and banners regularly, and get rid of outdated documents. If your website always looks fresh, your visitors will know that you care about the impression you make, and this should reflect on their desire to interact with your business.
  • Keep your visitors engaged. Offer a free download, an online calculator, a free newsletter or even a short eBook that they can download. Give them something to sign up for. Registration is the first step towards future engagement.
  • Make your firm offers clear. Now is not the time to be modest. Do you offer same day appointments? Do you offer a free consultation? Display these offers prominently. If the details are buried under a ton of content, no one will take the time to find them. Give potential customers a reason to click that Contact Us button.
  • Mobiles are important. More than 50% of new visitors to your website are likely accessing it from their mobile phone. You can have the best web design in the universe, but if it doesn’t display well on a mobile device, it can turn off potential customers.

Luckily, you don’t have to learn web design to have a beautifully crafted website. In fact, there are a variety of web design apps that simplify web design, making it easier to create and manage your website. These do-it-yourself apps include:

If you have absolutely no desire to build a website, even using the tools and resources included in the products listed above, don’t worry. We’ve also included custom products that specialize in building custom websites for accountants and accounting firms. These products include:

Don’t become a bad stat because your website doesn’t live up to today’s demanding standards. Instead, use the tools and resources available in the apps above to help you create an informative and engaging website that visitors will choose to explore and return to again and again.


Editor’s note:

In many journals included in CPA Practice Advisor, the reviewed product is recommended for a particular business size. In the majority of cases, this information comes directly from the vendors themselves, as many software products on the market today are created with a particular end user in mind. However, when this information is not immediately provided, this recommendation can be derived from several elements, including:

  • Product Plan Options – If a product offers scalability and a choice of multiple plans, this usually indicates that it is suitable for businesses of all sizes. However, a single plan option with few extra features usually means the product will work best for small businesses or enterprises.
  • Multi-user capability – some apps offer limited user options. If so, the product is generally better suited to small businesses, as they will have a smaller number of users.
  • Pricing Levels – Pricing can sometimes play a role in determining the size of business a product is best suited for. For example, while per-user pricing is an affordable option for businesses with 10 or fewer users, it can quickly become a sticking point for businesses with more than 50 users.
  • Features – the number of features available in an app is often directly related to the complexity of the app and who it is optimally designed for. The office that buys QuickBooks Online in many cases is not the same office that would buy NetSuite, although that’s not always the case.

In any review, we will try to determine the size of business or company for which the product under review is best suited. That said, a product that is best suited for a small or medium-sized business certainly does not mean that a large business could not derive any benefit from using that product. It only means that the features and functionality of this app work best in small businesses. It’s entirely up to you; our readers to determine if a product is right for your business. We’re just trying to point you in the right direction.