5 Benefits of Mobile-Friendly Ecommerce Website Builders

Smartphones have completely conquered the market in the last decade. In 2013, Business Insider reported that 54% of Americans owned a smartphone and 25% owned tablets.

Nine years later, the number of tablets alone exceeds the number of personal computers. This is why e-commerce businesses need to pay attention to their mobile users.

A mobile-friendly e-commerce store can be achieved by creating a separate version for smartphone users. However, nowadays this practice is outdated.

As noted by BigCommerce in this blog post, eCommerce store builders are great for startups and new businesses because they provide a simple platform to showcase your products. Additionally, they offer SEO-optimized features to acquire organic traffic to increase engagement and sales from shoppers using their mobile devices.

Here are five benefits you can enjoy by having a responsive online store built using a powerful eCommerce site builder:

  1. Search engines favor mobile-friendly stores

Google favors mobile-friendly websites in its search results. If your website isn’t optimized for smartphones, potential customers may not find you when they search for products or services on Google.

Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines also prioritize responsive websites in their rankings. Why does every search engine favor mobile-friendly websites? Because a responsive site prioritizes its user experience.

A mobile-friendly website will adapt perfectly to the screen of a smartphone. It will be easy to read, use and navigate. On the other hand, users will find it difficult to read content and navigate if you have a desktop layout on smartphone screens.

  1. Cost savings

Responsive websites are cheaper than mobile-specific sites. A responsive website design costs less because it does not require additional development work. You must ensure that your content is playable on all devices.

A responsive website will always trump responsive designs in terms of ROI. If you have a responsive design, it means that your website has two different layouts. When updating or adding a new feature to your site, you will need to make the changes twice.

A lot of money and time will be invested to build and maintain the two stores. Depending on the platform you built your store on, these costs could add up to thousands of dollars per month.

To save on these costs and time, upgrade to a single theme. Such designs will provide a great user experience on all devices, regardless of their screen resolution and size. You’ll have less to maintain and code, which translates to huge savings in time and money.

  1. Better site speed

The best way to ensure that your website loads quickly is to create a mobile-friendly website. Your customers will not hesitate to wait a few seconds before seeing what your product or service offers. However, they will mind waiting too long.

Time is money, so every second counts in the world of e-commerce. According to a study, half of internet users abandon a website that takes around 6-10 seconds to load. If you are serving mobile users with a desktop site, it will load lots of unnecessary resources on mobile phones, which will significantly increase the loading time.

A lagging store will cost you leads and conversions. Not only will such a website lead to low revenue but also poor SEO performance. Search engine crawlers will not be able to fully load your store for indexing purposes. Moreover, a faster loading site is also useful for voice search.

A responsive website solves this problem by optimizing the size of images and other elements such as text boxes, menus, etc. This optimization will result in improved site speed, traffic, conversions, and SEO.

  1. A competitive advantage

First, having a mobile-friendly store is nothing new. Chances are, all of your competitors have already optimized their websites. If you don’t have a responsive website, you are at a disadvantage in ranking on SERPs and bounce rates.

Second, if you use a website building platform to build a store with a responsive design, you’ll be ahead of any competitor that doesn’t. You will rank higher on the SERPs than them. A high rank means more traffic and conversions.

Third, you will have the best user experience. Since your site is optimized for mobiles, it will be more pleasant for smartphone users.

For example, a hamburger menu is usually available on mobile instead of desktop browsing. Text size is also adjusted for the best view on small devices. Other things like the size of text fields are also changed to fit the smartphone screen perfectly. All of the above things will add up and provide the best user experience that your customers won’t go unnoticed. Therefore, you will likely see many more repeat customers and more sales than your competitors.


E-commerce businesses must have a responsive website. Consumers and search engines now favor responsive websites. By creating a responsive website, you will get even more benefits than those listed above.