Awarded Best Website Development and Strategic Design for Public Affairs Impact Campaigns for his work with the NWSLPA

Scott Goodstein and Catalyst Campaigns have created innovative ways to change the public narrative to reflect the lived realities of professional female footballers. »
—Meghann Burke, Executive Director of the NWSLPA

(ProNewsReport Editorial): – Beverly Hills, Calif., June 2, 2022 ( – Catalyst Campaigns is honored to receive two industry association awards for the work done by its team on behalf of the National Women’s Soccer Players Association (NWSLPA) and their historic first collective agreement with the NWSL.

Scott Goodstein, The Founder and CEO of Catalyst Campaigns, said, “Our goal is to creatively amplify the voice of our customers and use best-in-class technology to quickly deliver the right message, at the right time, in a way that captures the public consciousness. ”

Meghann Burke, Executive Director of the NWSLPA, said, “Scott Goodstein and Catalyst Campaigns have created innovative ways to shift the public narrative to reflect the lived realities of professional female soccer players while calling for action. He and his team are complete organizers who have figured out how to navigate fluid situations, while constantly generating new creative ideas.

Some of these creative campaigns include:

NoMoreSideHustles.Com – 2022 CSLA Winner Best Public Affairs Website

The campaign website served as a hub to highlight the plight of players, reframe the conversation and provide facts and statistics to advocate for change.

T-shirts and stickers with the URL drove additional traffic to the website, further increasing fundraising and petition signatures. The Players Association’s social media presence has doubled in size and its low-cost fundraising efforts have tripled.

SupportThePlayers.Net – C&E 2022 Best Logo and Branding for Bootstrap Campaign

Campaign & Elections magazine’s 2022 Reid Awards recognized SupportthePlayers.Net for its world-class creation of a quick-response logo brand that matched the message and the moment.

The branding was designed to channel energy and give grassroots supporters the direction needed to make an impact. The logo is a shield to protect players, and its other elements allude to both a physical football net and a social safety net. Catalyst created an acronym for the organization, National Emergency Trust (“NET”), so the URL reads almost like a command: SupportThePlayers.NET.

The website offers immediate and tangible relief to current and former female professional footballers who are in dire need of it.

Catalyst Campaigns is a full-service digital campaign, brand development and strategic communications company. The founder, Scott Goodstein, has been at the forefront of the evolution of new methods of digital communication for over 20 years. He organized anti-war campaigns using MySpace, built the first social and mobile media campaign for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008, and led the development of Bernie Sanders’ digital strategy in 2016, before building progressive political movements around the world.