Best Website Builders For Small Business – 2022 Expert Guide

Monitoring and analysis

It might sound complicated, but it’s basically the way to track how customers visit, interact with, and leave your website – the same way you would want to know how many people enter your store each day.

This will help you determine if you need to change your design, move things around, or change the tools you use. It will also help you understand how customers come to your website. Are they searching for businesses like yours on Google or are they coming directly to your site? This kind of information will help you tailor your website and attract customers you might be missing.

Most website builders offer analytics software built into your package. However, these solutions can be a bit limited, so look for ones that will allow you to install a Google Analytics plugin. it really is the gold standard for analytics tracking.

Selection of applications

A website builder should have a good selection of apps if you plan to build a business website. These apps can help turn your website from a boring, bland text fest into a clickable extravaganza while singing and dancing.

Contact forms, appointment or reservation bookings, discount codes, gift cards, chat bots and more can all be added to your site, provided you choose the right website builder. website.


If you’ve spent years developing your brand name and logo recognition, the last thing you want is to have a website covered in someone else’s brand. Or, even worse, someone else’s ads.

Most website builders will remove ads when you sign up for a paid plan, but not all will remove their own branding from your site. Make sure the website builder you choose will keep your branding front and center not someone else.