Ecommerce Website Development – 8 Hacks to Improve Your Website

E-commerce website development

In 2020, sales in the online retail sector increased by almost 25% worldwide. The e-commerce market will have around 4,877 million users by 2025. This shows that e-commerce and online shopping will rule in the coming years. Hence, the need for a robust eCommerce website development service is vital for business owners.

So how can web developers help businesses in e-commerce web development?

How to improve your e-commerce site?

Here are some areas where reputable e-commerce website development companies can improve e-commerce sites. Moreover, there are some points for businesses before hiring an e-commerce web development company.

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Ecommerce Website Development – How Web Developers Can Improve Your Website?

Here are 8 ways an experienced web developer can help with e-commerce website development.

1. Fast loading speed

Fast loading speed is essential for e-commerce websites in particular. As the famous saying goes, almost half of website visitors leave a website taking more than 3 seconds to load. Therefore, your e-commerce web development should be such that the site loads quickly in the blink of an eye.

Fashion retailer Missguided has seen huge success after improving page response speed on mobile. According to their study, the company witnessed a 56% increase in revenue from Android device users. This happened by reducing the wait time by 4 seconds.

Nowadays, online users don’t have so much patience to wait for a website to load. The web page speed factor is therefore crucial for e-commerce sites.

A skilled and experienced developer can help you improve loading speed in a second!

2. Improve navigation

The development of an e-commerce site is quite complex. Such a website includes various products, payment gateway integration, blogs, store management and much more. Despite all this, you need easy navigation on your website.

Easy navigation helps users easily find their desired products from the category page, read reviews, compare them, and then easily make payments.

For this, a hierarchy of the site, wireframing and a simple categorization of the products are essential. A good web developer or designer can help you achieve this.

Just look at the Amazon homepage, for example.

It looks great! Is not it ?

3. Responsive Website Design

Online shoppers don’t shop online using the same device over and over again. Sometimes they can use a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile to shop. Moreover, various studies show that more than 50% of online users prefer mobile devices.

Therefore, having a responsive design is essential in eCommerce web development. Such a design adjusts content according to different screen sizes.

In the end, this maximizes the UX!

4. Create dynamic pages

Content blocks on an online shopping platform are also called building blocks. These include blogs, product pages, videos, image sliders, and more. Together, these content blocks form web pages.

You can create dynamic web pages by mixing and matching various content blocks. In this way, customers enjoy an excellent visual experience. Videos, podcasts, and voice clips can take a user’s experience to the next level.

An e-commerce web development professional can advise you on how to create dynamic web pages.

5. Simple and hassle-free checkout process

Lengthy payment processes can result in the loss of billions of dollars in a single year. Most visitors leave websites directly from the shopping cart if the checkout process is delayed. So, to avoid this, the checkout process should be simple.

After choosing a product, there should be no ads or unnecessary information to fill out. The path to the payment gateway must be clear.

6. Use quality images

Quality, compelling and original product images help build trust.

In the case of a “physical store”, customers can physically check the products. But, when shopping online, they will buy based on the pictures.

Original images with compelling visuals that precisely mimic the real product along with first-hand reviews can help build buyer confidence. An e-commerce website development service provider can help you with these aspects.

7. Efficient customer support

Customer support is one of the most critical areas of an e-commerce business. There will be situations where customers want to know more about the product or complain about a defective product. Sometimes there will be payment issues like money not refunded etc.

On such occasions, a customer support page with all emails and contact details for complaint resolution can help. You can also include the customer service address and contact information for a specific product on the product page.

Also, nowadays, many big online shopping brands are using AI-powered chatbots. Instead of having to call and email, customers can ask the chatbot or virtual assistant to resolve their questions related to delivery, defective products, refund, etc.

So, if you are an e-commerce business owner, check with the developer if they can integrate chatbots and create grievance resolution pages for you!

8. Keep updating the website

This is another area where a software engineer can help with e-commerce web development. Nowadays, new technologies appear every day. It is therefore essential to keep abreast of new trends in this field. For example, Ewallet technology is essential in online commerce.

Every day new products are launched. Update the product page, blogs, videos and more to stay more relevant. Along with this, your developer can also suggest content updates.

These are all areas where a professional hand from some of the best e-commerce web development companies can help.

Now, some tips for future e-commerce Turks to consider before approaching a web development company.

Things to Note Before Approaching Ecommerce Web Development Companies

  • Check a company’s experience in developing e-commerce websites.

  • Find out if they can provide their servers.

  • Check the technologies on which they are experts.

  • Programming languages ​​they know.

  • Browse their portfolio of e-commerce projects.

  • Read the security policy.

  • Also check what past customers are saying about a company.

  • Learn about testing methods.

  • Finally, check to see if a company offers SEO-optimized solutions.

Final Thoughts on Developing Ecommerce Websites

E-commerce websites should be robust and well-planned to generate maximum revenue. A lack here and there can cost companies trillions. When buying online, customers are looking for a simple user interface, original images, original reviews, fast customer support, and excellent webpage speed. This will help businesses not lose at least 7% conversions.

So, to get the best eCommerce website development service, you need to do good research on the different companies available in the market. If you have any questions about eCommerce web development, please visit this best E-commerce website development company portal to get a free consultation. Feel free to comment and share your impressions.