Lapero, a new website development subsidiary specializing in technical consulting and software as a service, has been launched by the SI team

Lapero is a subsidiary of Team SI, a nationally recognized data-driven consulting organization and technology incubator based in Little Rock, Ark. Lapero specializes in software as a service (SaaS), offering cutting-edge web development, technology solutions, UX research, user interface design, and technical consulting services.

Fremont, California: Lapero, a new technology subsidiary of Team SI, a nationally recognized data-driven consulting firm and startup incubator, has been launched. Lapero was founded as its own company to accommodate the innovative expansion of the worldwide award-winning web development team within the industry. He specializes in professional website development, user interface design, technology consulting, and software as a service (SaaS).

“Our award-winning web development team has experienced exceptional growth over the past four years, releasing hundreds of websites, mobile apps, custom web apps and a scalable SaaS platform,” said Tim Whitley, CEO and Chief Innovation Officer of MHP/Team SI Family of Companies, said. “As we continue to position ourselves for new opportunities and services, we are pleased to establish Lapero as a new company within our corporate family with this incredible growth and experience.”

Alex Hood, CEO/President of Lapero and Chief Technology Officer of the MHP Family of Companies/Team SI, and Kristin Chacko, Vice President of Operations for Lapero, lead the company. Hood and Chacko work closely together to further the company’s purpose under Whitley’s leadership.

“As web developers, we recognize that websites, apps, and SaaS platforms play a critical operational role in every business that goes way beyond marketing,” added Hood. “We also recognize that some companies already have internal teams, so we’ve designed our services so that our team can complement existing talent or provide strategic technical advice to internal teams to help them understand platforms. -forms such as .NET, Magento, Sitefinity, WordPress and others. We provide unique technology solutions that help our clients achieve their business goals and convert into award-winning achievements through transformative technology services like these.”

Lapero is a Tampa, Florida-based SaaS company that provides cutting-edge web development, website consulting services, technology solutions, UX research, UI design, and technical consulting.

Government, agriculture, travel and tourism, healthcare, e-commerce, legal, retail, finance and education are just a few of the industries where the award-winning web development team internationally worked. For more information about Lapero and its services, go here.