Rule Your Kingdom Announces Specialty Law Firm Website Design

Website design and marketing agency based in Waco, TX specializing in results-driven website design for lawyers and law firms.

Waco, Texas- With the start of the new year, longtime national web design and digital marketing agency Rule Your Kingdom (RYK) announces its specialization in services for industry-specific business clients seeking business growth. locally or on a large scale. In 2022, RYK will move from generalized website design for local search engine optimization (SEO) rankings for businesses in multiple industries to website design tailored to the needs of lawyers, law firms and lawyers looking for local SEO rankings, widespread SEO success, or both, as well as digital marketing with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Since 2011, RYK has been serving business clients from its headquarters in Waco, TX, providing custom websites and digital marketing services to hundreds of clients in Central Texas and beyond with incredible results. This new expansion and focus on the needs of legal services clients will allow the RYK team to hone and hone its exceptional talents, bringing the concentrated power of SEO and PPC experts to lawyers and law firms all over the world. the world.

What is Search Engine Optimization? : Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a highly specialized field that aims to understand the algorithms of Google and other online search engines and then integrate data into a website to help it appear on the first page of search engine results when a user searches for information. relevant to this website. SEO incorporates smart and savvy website design elements with extensive research and analysis of popular and successful search terms (“keywords”). The resulting SEO-structured website is a sophisticated combination of user-loved keywords, exceptional copywriting and user-friendly design that ranks top on Google, targets the right customers and produces measurable results for RYK customers.

From the founder of RYK: Regarding this move towards specialization serving legal services companies, RYK Founder and CEO Chuck Siegel said, “We all want [attorneys] spending time in hallowed halls of justice, debating legal approaches and winning cases for clients, not being stuck behind the computer for days, trying to improve page load speed or search results ranking Google search. At RYK, we want to be the online experts, providing our best services to legal experts, so that legal experts can provide their best services to others.

The RYK-Team: The RYK team of SEO, web design, copywriting, and marketing experts is made up of more than two dozen professionals across four continents. Together, the team has over 400 years of expertise in their respective fields, including over 85 years of experience working specifically with lawyers and law firms. RYK’s international team is available around the clock to provide immediate and ongoing support to the attorneys they maintain as clients.

RYK boasts an impressive number of satisfied clients, largely due to its unique approach to structuring, building, and tailoring each website to each client’s individual needs. Unlike other web design companies, RYK ensures that each law firm client’s website is unique, secure, comprehensive and mobile-friendly.

RYK prides itself on its professionalism and full transparency with its customers and offers a promise of exclusivity – no RYK customer in the same geographic area will compete for top Google search rankings. By limiting their clients to one per industry and geographic location, RYK ensures that no client of two law firms will be adversely affected in the ranking of search results. In addition, RYK promises all of its customers complete confidentiality and protection of their private information under all circumstances.

Serving all areas of the practice of law: Lawyers who practice in any area of ​​law are eligible for RYK’s website design and digital marketing services, including: personal injury, workers’ compensation and employee law, disability, family law , criminal law, immigration, corporate and commercial legal services, tax law, intellectual property law and housing law. Practitioners and law firms in all areas of legal services, in all geographies and of all sizes can benefit from expert SEO, website design and digital marketing services.

About Rule Your Kingdom:

Rule Your Kingdom (RYK) is a Waco, TX-based agency serving small and medium-sized businesses, providing the following services to lawyers and law firms: website hosting, website design, engine optimization local and extended website search (SEO), and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on Google, Facebook and Instagram. Founded by Chuck Siegel in 2011, the Rule Your Kingdom team is made up of an international team of experts who combine their advanced training and real-world experience to create practical solutions for their clients. RYK’s mission is: “To help every customer become the dominant player in their market, using the power of the Internet to attract the right customers to grow their business.”

Additional information can be found by visiting or by calling toll-free at (866) 647-0750.

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