The Pros and Cons of Website Builders as a New Rising Trend

Website builders have become very popular in the business sector. People have come to believe that building a do-it-yourself website is better than appointing a website designer. Web hosting companies have jumped on this new trend by offering free website builders to entice customers to use their web hosting services. We take a look at some of the best website builders and the pros and cons of using them.

Top 3 Website Builders

Let’s consider some of the best website builders and who they are best suited for. Squarespace came highly recommended and is considered the best all-around website builder. Shopify has been described as the best website builder for e-commerce sites. Webflow is a great web builder for custom designs. Carrd is ideal for users who only need a one-page website. But of course, there’s Wix, Godaddy, and Elementor that all approach this from a different angle.

The benefits of using website builders

A big advantage of using website builders is that there are no special skills like coding, programming, or design needed to set up the website. People who don’t know anything about coding or programming can still create a website. Another advantage is that it is cheap and fast, they are really useful for people who are starting their first website

e or a personal blog without too much traffic. It is also very fast to create your own website, it can take less than an hour to complete.

The Disadvantages of Using Website Builders

Website builders are not very suitable for professional businesses, they would need quality SEO coding and designs. As a website is the first impression customers, consumers, and buyers have of a business, it should be professional and of good quality. Now that we mentioned good quality, websites need to be fast. Websites that were created by website builders are slower than websites created by web designers. This means businesses can lose a lot of money if their websites load too slowly.

Website builders are also not custom-designed or one-of-a-kind. Many people can use the same design and this often happens when there are free templates. Free templates don’t always support mobile phones and don’t have SEO features added. Website builders are also known for their unstructured codes, which affects the website’s on-page SEO, which is the ranking it has in search engines. This is crucial for any business and a professional website. Many website builders are also flash-based, which means search engines like Google won’t be able to read the website, making it unavailable.

Website builders have limited features and pages, which limits businesses and the number of web pages they have on their websites as well as the features they can add.

What to Look for When Using a Free Website Builder

Businesses and individuals wanting to build a website should be careful of web hosting companies that use free web builders to attract customers. Wix uses its free website builders will require the customer to use its web hosting services as well. You have to be vigilant because web hosting services are really important for any website, and using any web hosting service can be expensive.


The disadvantages of website builders definitely outweigh their advantages. It might be better for a business to use a web designer rather than web building services. If the business needs a web hosting service, it is recommended that before choosing the best web hosting services, it is essential to first read the reviews of these companies and their services.

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