Three Ways AI Improves Website Development

Technology has changed dramatically since Arthur Samuel, the man who invented “machine learning”, introduced his AI program on the IBM 700 who was able to play checkers using artificial intelligence (AI). AI impacts our daily lives. Our Amazon purchases, Netflix recommendations, and hotel reservations involve AI in various ways.

I developed my first plug-in when I was a teenager and never looked back. I learned a lot growing my business and working with partners on their websites and apps. I’m interested in AI because I think we can learn a lot by looking at raw sales and traffic data. I am also fascinated by the benefits this technology brings to customers and business owners. Some of my favorite perks include chatbots, instant data-driven marketing, and personalization.

Using AI during the design phase has many benefits for consumers, business owners, and developers. Let’s look at several benefits of this technology for developers, as well as how AI is improving online experiences for consumers around the world.

1. AI sparks interest in development.

Web development is a difficult field to master. We all understand the time and patience it takes to build a top notch website. The problem with the steep learning curve is that people who might be interested in building a website don’t know where to start.

There are two types of business owners: those who create websites themselves and those who pay someone else to do the coding and development. There is now a third option, known as Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI). ADI merges these two methods and creates a unique experience that benefits new developers.

Many site builders integrate ADI technology for a streamlined process for new developers. Instead of worrying about how to code every aspect of your website, AI can create the framework for most websites, and developers can make small changes over time.

This practice piques the interest of people who would never have thought of coding a website. ADI makes design accessible and much more user-friendly than starting from scratch. As a result, more people are getting interested in web development than ever before.

2. AI improves online businesses.

Entrepreneurs too benefit from the use of AI when they create their website. The perfect example to illustrate this point is chatbot technology. Before we could use bots to communicate with our customers, companies had to hire countless support staff to assist customers around the clock or risk a high refund rate with low retention.

Now owners can have confidence knowing that artificial intelligence is there to help customers, day or night. It is important to note that, like all AI, it is not intended to phase out human labor. Instead, it’s designed to handle repetitive tasks and free up human employees to help customers solve complex problems and questions.

Artificial intelligence is also capable of helping business owners make informed decisions about the state of their website and their audience. As we know, AI is great at collecting data and analyzing numbers at a much faster pace than a person. Because of this benefit, many companies are using AI to improve the overall user experience by compiling data from consumers who visit a website or page and turning that data into tangible information with a clear sense of direction. and growth.

3. AI improves user experience.

Finally, let’s see how AI improves web development and UX from a consumer perspective. When you consider that 70% or more of consumers conduct research online before making a purchase, it’s no surprise that AI is being used to help consumers make informed decisions. Think about the last time you shopped on Amazon and the product you were looking for magically appeared in your recommended products. Here’s the thing – it’s not magic. Instead, it’s artificial intelligence hard at work.

AI can track and compile consumer data to display relevant product recommendations for online shoppers. Many websites belonging to this group have the possibility to say if the suggestion was useful. Your answer to this question feeds into the AI ​​program, where it compiles your answer along with countless others to improve recommendations for future customers.

Netflix, Hulu, and similar streaming services use artificial intelligence programs to make show recommendations based on each user’s previously watched shows. For example, if you can’t stop watching horror and action movies, you’re much more likely to see shows from that genre on your recommended viewing list. The company takes this information and makes a judgment on which shows it should bring to its platform and how it should build future playlists.

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When we think of web development, we often think of the benefits it provides to business owners and consumers. Artificial intelligence is improving the way we create and design websites, but it’s also having a significant impact on e-commerce storefronts and consumer buying decisions.

As we move forward, we foresee massive growth in AI and how it is implemented in professional and hobby websites. The more we try to understand how artificial intelligence can improve our lives, the more likely we are to improve the existing framework and make this technology one of the most important advances in history.