Top 10 Best Free Online Website Builders – Times Square Chronicles

Thanks to technology, we have the WYSIWYG framework that allows you to create a web page from scratch without having to write a line of code. Free website building tools have been all the rage among budding developers and entrepreneurs. Here are some of the top 10 free website builder software you can check out.


Wix is ​​a free website builder, ideal for beginners. There are over 500 templates and nearly 7 dozen themed categories for designing functional and professional blogs, portfolios, stores and web pages.

The internal live editor allows for real-time edits and even gives you a preview of the web page as it would appear on the end user’s browser. Here you can create unlimited websites under one account and store them on the cloud.

Other free perks include free web hosting and domain registration services, latest SEO tools, CMS solutions, and e-commerce plugins. For a free service, it doesn’t get any better than Wix.


A quick and easy website builder for free, Site123 caters to both professional developers and hobbyists. Here you can create single and multi-page websites and stores, add 5 languages, integrate SEO tools and CMS solutions, all for free!

There are 13 demo modules, several free templates, and a visual drag-and-drop editor to customize the page to your liking. other free perks include Google Fonts integration, LiveChat, Google AdWords and Analytics support and a host of other AppMarket plugins.

web node

Webnode developed by the Swiss company Webnode AG is a multilingual and free website builder software that has been in operation since 2008. Here users can enjoy the benefits of a responsive drag and drop interface coupled with a dashboard of features customizable.

Moreover, there are hundreds of free themes, ready-to-use layouts and adjustable templates, all of them compatible with mobile phones. Free web hosting, domain registration, and e-commerce features only add credibility to the platform.


uCraft is suitable for creative web developers and designers. Here you can create blogs, landing pages, stores, and web pages in just a few simple steps. You get around 80 free templates and layouts, each optimized for mobile devices.

Plus, you can change a theme midway through, without having to start from scratch. The visual editor is equipped with features that allow you to add content and customize it as you wish. Additionally, there are plenty of third-party plugins and integrations for newsletters, SEO enhancement, and e-commerce.

Instant messenger creator

IM Creator is for individual bloggers, artists, and entrepreneurs who want to establish a strong web presence online. It is the perfect site building platform for clients who want visually appealing and engaging portfolios, blogs, websites and stores without any technical complexity.

The minimalist interface allows you to insert animations, add multiple navigation effects, videos, fonts, all for free. The comprehensive archive offers a wide range of free templates and layouts that are best suited for beginners.


Weebly as a platform is for beginners who want to build a functional and professional website but don’t have the technical skills for it. The simple and user-friendly editor allows you to make real-time changes to content without affecting website performance.

There are over 100 free themes, free templates and layouts to choose from. Weebly also automatically creates a mobile version of your store for free, expanding your audience. Front-end and back-end editing flexibility and access to HTML source code and CSS style sheets allow professional developers to explore more web development options.


Jimdo is one of the best website builders for creating e-commerce websites and stores. The basic Jimdo plan offers free web hosting, unlimited bandwidth, and cloud storage facilities. The interface is clean, well organized and loaded with customizable tools for developing blogs, portfolios, web pages and stores.

Other than that, there are 16 templates, 38 themes, and a huge collection of motion graphics. MailChimp integration, eCommerce support, and Google Analytics allow for increased visibility and reach.

Google Sites

Google Sites, with its latest update, is ready to make a splash in the market. Web developers, hobby designers, beginners – everyone loves this platform because it’s free. You get free access to all Google gadgets like calendar, calculator, maps and documents etc.

Then you can integrate Google Analytics, AdSense and Google Fonts to improve its readability. Other than that, there are extensive image galleries, customizable widgets, and a range of free themes.


Webs is an effective website builder that you can use for free. The intuitive interface includes a range of 450 templates and additional apps. Free web hosting, domain registration services, and e-commerce support work to improve your site’s performance.

Extensive image galleries are packed with animations and video graphics. Free cloud hosting and access to third-party widgets are other perks you get on Webs.

Web Starts

WebStarts is a classy and modern website builder that offers users a collection of powerful site building tools. The intuitive interface is customizable and optimized for mobile devices. The platform offers many free features for personal blogs and websites, such as web hosting, domain registration, and SEO features.

There are many free templates, themes and demo modules to choose from. Plus, you get 1GB bandwidth and can create unlimited web pages under one account. The image galleries are full of contemporary designs and vibrant graphics.

Which one to choose ?

Finding a reliable and simple website builder is not an easy task. We recommend Wix and Site123 for beginners, Jimdo for e-commerce platforms, and Weebly for people who want an aesthetic yet powerful web page.